Orange County Has Many Detox Locations

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, look no further than the Orange County Detox facilities.

Orange County Detox facilities are safe and proven centers helping patients struggling with addiction. Operating in Southern California, they provide a fast, safe, confidential way to start a new life free of drugs and alcohol.

Their patients come from all over America and the world to break free from their addiction, each receiving a tailored plan of care created by professional detox and addiction specialists. Every patient has different needs, so they believe in maintaining a high standard of compassionate care that goes beyond one-size-fits-all detox programs.

Many are a Joint Commission Certified hospital, allowing Orange County Detox facilities to accept Medicare, Private Insurance and CareCredit, to help make your new beginning financially possible.

Some drug detox programs perform procedures in an outpatient clinic or Surgery Center and discharge the patients to hotels without physicians on site to provide ongoing care when needed. At Orange County Detox facilities, you have the peace of mind that comes with 24 hour attending physicians, registered nurses, and a hospital environment.

You’ll succeed if you believe in this process, and they work tirelessly to give you every reason to believe in your own success. That means a proven, safe method in a state-of-the-art hospital with a standard of care and after-care that is simply unmatched.

How Can Orange County Detox Facilities Change Your Life?

Some Orange County Detox facilities run a medically assisted process that treats the withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction in a matter of days. That means their patients can spend a few discreet days in their Joint Commission certified hospital then return to their normal lives, ready to create a new beginning free of drugs or alcohol.

Their Board Certified Physicians and Nurse Coordinator will design a tailored treatment plan for you or your loved one that will best suit your medical needs and help fight addiction and withdrawal symptoms. To discuss specific options for your unique situation, call or e-mail them now.

The first step in their treatment method consists of a full medical assessment including blood-work to determine how your body is handling the withdrawal. They also do blood-work and urine analysis which helps them assess your liver and kidney function. Then they provide medications to treat withdrawal symptoms of nausea, tremors, anxiety, headache, body pain, and insomnia. Often their patients are dehydrated and they provide intravenous fluids. Patients who smoke will be offered nicotine patches and gum, but are allowed to keep smoking in a designated area outside the hospital.

The various types of medications they use include anti-anxiety medications, pain relievers, anti-nausea and anti-diarrheal medications, and sedatives. They plan their care for each patient individually.

They accept patients from all over the country and the world for Orange County Detox facilities. Drug Detox facilities offer airport pick-up services to patients flying into Southern California. Patients will be driven directly to a Surgical Hospital where they will meet with a Board Certified physician, be given a full physical examination, and admitted to the hospital.

Compassionate After Care

Their after-care continues after you leave the hospital. They believe compassionate personal relationships make the process work, so they will stay in touch with you. That includes scheduling an initial appointment with a counselor in your area and regular follow up phone calls in the months following your detox.

Services In Kern County

There are also Kern County Detox facilities, where they do everything they can to ensure their patients’ success before, during and after the process. Their Aftercare and Treatment Counseling services are designed to provide long term support that other detox programs don’t. Patients in local Bakersfield detox facilities remain in the care of specialists who have undergone rigorous Healthcare education in Bakersfield. Most patients spend an average of 2 days at the hospital, with board certified doctors and registered nurses attending to all of their patient care needs. The Detox method drastically reduces the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal. With the support structure afforded by a stay in the hospital, they help their patients to face the challenges of withdrawal symptoms, and adapting to life without drug and alcohol addiction. That level of care is unmatched by other drug detox programs. It means their patients stay in a safer environment longer, and are given the best tools to deal with the challenges that come from life after drugs and alcohol. The Drug Detox Nursing Coordinator will schedule each patient for an initial appointment with a counselor in their local community for when they return home. The Nurse Coordinator will call you after the appointment and will continue contacting you at 30-day intervals after you leave the Surgical Hospital, to find out how you are doing. Every patient is encouraged to call the Nurse Coordinator at any time with any questions. Research shows that ongoing support will help patients remember why they choose to break their addictions and what they are fighting for, that is why the Drug Detox Nurse Coordinator is always available to provide assistance. They want to hear your success story. They want to know they helped you and know that this program changed your life. They welcome every patient to share their experience with others in a safe, friendly environment. It helps to know you’re not alone and there are people who want to help, including your friends and family at a licensed Drug Detox facility in Kern County, Orange County, and all of Southern California.

Detox Facilities And Education

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